Welcome to our Emergency Dentist Group of Staten Island NY and Woodbridge NJ

Emergency Dentisr Staten Island NYMost common cause of dental infections is a chronic tooth decay that lead to a progressive infection overtime. According to recent research, tooth decay is becoming a very common health problem that affects about one third of adults worldwide. Its main causes are sugary foods and drinks. This occurs when the sugar in the teeth is turned into acid by bacteria. The enamel of the teeth is softened and dissolved by the acid. Over time, tooth decay, which is holes (cavities) in the teeth, occurs. Teeth are more likely to be affected if they are not brushed and cleaned regularly. In case of tooth decay, treatment to restore the teeth may be needed. Some of the ways of treatment are discussed below by our Emergency Dentist Team. However, the type of treatment one will have depends on the  the damage to your teeth. It is therefore advisable to consult a dentist first at either one of our convenient locations in Staten Island NY and Woodbridge NJ.

Filling is one of the ways of treatment. These are used to fill cavities that have formed in your teeth. Our Emergency Dentists place tooth colored, composite fillings most of the times. Composite fillings are made to match the color of your teeth and therefore look more natural than amalgam (or “silver” or “mercury”) filling. A crown which is a type of cap that completely covers a real tooth is another way of treatment. It is used to strengthen teeth and improve a tooth appearance. Made from both porcelain and metal or only metal, it’s fixed in the mouth. Our emergency dentists fit most types of crowns to make a tooth look better or fitted in place of a broken, decayed or damaged tooth. Bridges is another way. The fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth is a bridge. When being made, a bridge takes the impression of the surrounding teeth. Both of our dental offices in Staten Island New York and Woodbridge NJ provide on site crown fitting treatments. Dental veneers are another way of repairing chipped or uneven front teeth. They consist of a thin layer of tooth-colored material, usually porcelain, which fits over your existing tooth. Braces are another common way of treatment offered at our locations in Staten Island NY and Woodbridge NJ. They straighten or move teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work. They can be removable or struck to the teeth. They can be made of metal or ceramic with the invisible ones being plastic made. Teeth whitening are another way of dental treatment. This involves bleaching the teeth to make them more light colored. It can lighten the existing color by several shades as it can’t make the teeth sparkling white. Another type of treatment if dentures or false teeth as they are commonly known. They are fitted in place of natural teeth. A full set is used to replace a person’s all teeth. To replace one or more missing teeth, a part set is commonly used by our Emergency Dentists in Staten Island, New York and New Jersey dental locations. Using impressions from the gums, dentures are custom made. They’re usually made from durable acrylic, with or without metal or flexible based materials.